A Puck, Pear, and Candelabra


 What do pucks, pears and candelabras have in common with Chocolate you ask? A lot when two lives collide, Stella, Chocolatier Extraordinaire and I, Yvonne, creator of ‘puckmommies’.   So how did hockey morph with chocolate?  Basically it all goes back to my son Sean’s hockey school.   Stella brought her son to The Murphy Hockey school years ago and began to treat the staff to her famous and very addicting ‘chocolate pizza’s’.  There began the strong ‘Buzz’ on Stella’s signature chocolate pizza.

The relationship between Stella and I evolved from hockey rinks to wedding favors for my son’s weddings. Gold dusted chocolate pears at each place setting labeled,’ the perfect pair’ for my son Sean and Andrea’s wedding were divine and chocolate pucks for my son Ryan and his wife Ashley’s wedding had a gorgeous picture of the happy couple embellished on it.  Both were hits of course.

 The famous candelabra story has zero to do with chocolate and everything to do with Stella and her perseverance in scouring the city of Toronto in search of THE only 36 inch candelabra which required a bowl on top in order to duplicate a flower arrangement from the celebrity wedding of Jessica simpson in order to make my daughters dream wedding come true!  No, there was no chocolate in those candelabra’s but darn it if stella did not duplicate the arrangement to a T! Stella is not a jack of all trades by any stretch, chocolate IS her passion but, it isn’t her fault she is gifted in multiple areas of décor as well!

Following the weddings when I needed a gift for any professional hockey V.P. or owner of an NHL team Stella would create a chocolate concoction that tasted like heaven itself!  One that stands out was the chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels that stella custom made for one of the Toronto maple leaf ex GM’s as he recovered in hospital.   From her chocolate covered blueberries to cheesecake pearls she always hits the mark perfectly!  Stella is as good a friend as she is designer of chocolate.

The Mayan culture labeled chocolate ‘food of the God’s’.  When you indulge in the unique Chocolate Creations of Chocola Chocola, you will concur with their title. Stella, has a passion for chocolate and for creating one of a kind delectable delights.   Looking forward to blogging again soon!


Yvonne Murphy is the creator and author of “puckmommies” recipes and reflections. Check out her website www.puckmommies.com and FACEBOOK page

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