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As a business owner, it is always a true privilege to work with other passionate and enthusiastic professionals. While professionals abound, some stand out more than others – and some make great teams. This is the story of how Lina Dhingra of karmaPRO Entertainment Group met Stella of Chocola Chocola and how their professional relationship developed.


karmaPRO meets Chocola Chocola

Lina met Stella at a BBQ she attended in the summertime with two of her girlfriends. One of her girlfriends dragged her over to Stella’s chocolate booth, saying that Lina just had to try the chocolates. She knew that if her girlfriends were pulling her off to something, it had to be good.

“I go to so many parties a week,” says Lina. “It’s not just about mix and mingling with the people. I want to immerse myself in that event, in about what’s happening in the facets within that event, which could be a tasting station, or an entertainment station.”

“She did this beautiful display. She had these porcelain white bowls – and then I saw these beautiful, colourful chocolate pearls in varying shades,” she recalls. “They were just vibrant.”

At first Lina thought they were candy, which was somewhat disappointing since she’s not a huge candy fan. But she is a huge chocolate fan, so it wasn’t long before she realized just what was in front of her. When she tried them, she was surprised to find that they weren’t as sweet as she thought they’d be. Not only that, but they didn’t taste artificial like so many other chocolates.

“I didn’t taste that at all,” says Lina. “It was very good, and it was very addictive.”

What Lina especially loved about Stella’s chocolates was that each pearl had its own unique identity. “To try pumpkin pie as a chocolate was a very unique experience for me.”

From there, their friendship evolved. It began with Lina being enamoured with the product, followed by a period of questioning certain things – namely the natural make up of the chocolate. “She gave me a complete chocolate education that I didn’t have before,” says Lina. “As a consumer, it really opened my eyes. And I have a lot of respect for someone when they can really educate me.”

When Lina was working on TIFF, she thought of Stella and how well her chocolates would fit the occasion. Chocola Chocola samples were sent to some of the production companies and they loved it. Not only did they want chocolate in the swag bags, but they also wanted chocolate stations set up in the tasting areas of the event space.

“It was a huge hit,” says Lina. So much so that calls starting coming in not long afterward. Not surprisingly, the two plan on working together again in the very near future.

“I really like her as a person,” says Lina. “And I love her product line as well. They’re a hit at parties, they’re beautiful to look at, and then it’s really good when you get to try something and you’re like wow, that’s damn good. For an event planner, that’s the best response you could possibly get.”


Who is karmaPRO?

The karmaPRO Entertainment Group helps develop and implement plans for press conferences and media events. They help launch products, run conventions, business meetings and sales conferences. The conduct openings and inaugurations, award ceremonies, trade shows, appreciation events, anniversaries, fashion shows, parties and celebrations, as well as marketing initiatives. karmaPRO is responsible for the likes of TIFF, the ReelWorld Film Festival and the launch of Star Wars.

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