Easter is over, so goodbye chocolate?

Easters over so goodbye chocolate? Heck NO!


My spinning class instructor began her pump up speech with “let’s go…you got to work off all those chocolate bunnies right?!” When she received a very unenthusiastic response from me and from her apathetic 20 students who were dreading her 45 cbd products grueling biking pace after the long Easter weekend she admitted, ‘ok so it’s just me that needs to work off the chocolate bunnies!!”  THAT’s more like it I thought!  Admit that even though you are a size 0 you still love Chocolate!  Doesn’t make me feel much better that my instructor is a size 0 and I am not but it does make me realize we are all human and desire a decadent treat every so often. I wish I took some stress relief toys with logos at work. I feel like I could use them now.

So, it’s not just ME who dreams of chocolate delights. Like those luscious buttons of chocolate from England that remind me so much of what I prayed my mother’s suitcase would hold for me after her trips back home from derby England. Those moments stand still in time when someone not only gives you a taste of chocolate that you thought could not possibly exceed your first experience tasting chocolate but a memory to take with you as well.  The first time I tasted Stella’s Chocolate Pizza was such a time.  The gift of chocolate ranks right up there with bearing great gifts of gold.   Bunnies, Ducks, Eggs, chicks, I even saw Dora the explorer made of chocolate for Easter. What Dora the explorer has to do with Easter is beyond me but who cares as long as I get my chocolate fix!  Calling Stella to the rescue….making the best chocolate in Toronto is not only your calling but your duty even though you can throw away the bunny mold!


Yvonne Murphy is a guest blogger for Chocola Chocola and the author of Puck Mommies


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