The Youth Code March 16, 2013

As a brand, we are approached to sponsor many events and charities, but we don’t write many blogs about it. Recently, we were asked by The Youth Code to be an in-kind sponsor for its launch, and we are compelled to write a blog about it.

It’s rare that you meet and become well-acquainted with the person who is the inspiration for a charity. Kalista Zackhariyas is that person and the reason for The Youth Code.

You wouldn’t think that a journey through abuse and homelessness would be so inspiring, but for Kalista that journey led her to create a place to inspire young people, before their own stories of abuse wipe them clean of it.

The arts gave her a voice she thought she lost, and now Kalista has made it her mission – her code – to help children who have been through similar circumstances.

The Youth Code’s mission is simple: Healing children and allowing them to express themselves through the arts, ultimately helping them find and define their own “code.”


To learn more about The Youth Code go to


Remember, you don’t have to start a charity – or even donate chocolate to help out – all you have to do is make it YOUR code!  I made it MY code!  #makeityourcode

The youth Code

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